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Professional in every way

Yacht logistics

Yacht transport to the southThe delivery of your yacht on a specially built rack directly to your door or to a marina at the other end of the world? A brand-new yacht ready to sail at the destination? No problem for our experienced team! We transport your yacht overland, on its own keel or as sea freight to your chosen destination. Count on our international know-how, as have many leading shipyards and tradespeople before.

Transport from port to portFor overland transports, we have a modern fleet of trucks at our disposal. Every vehicle is air-suspended and/or hydraulically operated and satellite-supported, so that your valuable freight can be localized at any time. We are transporting more than 2000 yachts each year safely and quickly under these conditions. Wherever we pick up your yacht or transport it to – Sleepy offers you product fulfillment: Everything from the examination of routes over the acquisition of special permits, the provision of escort vehicles and routing to the delivery to end customers.

Rely on the work and network of an experienced partner such as Sleepy for the security and complete delivery of new yachts.